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State Laws

Be ready to obtain your license when you take driving lessons from a certified instructor. At Larues Blackstone Valley Driving School in North Providence, Rhode Island, we teach you how to operate a motor vehicle.

State Laws

Because we work with first-time drivers, there are several laws you must be aware of before your lesson. The State of Rhode Island has the following laws in place:

CHAPTER 10-6: (iv) During the first (12) months of a Limited Provisional License, no more than one 
  passenger younger than (21) years of age is allowed in the vehicle. Immediate family/household members
  are exempted from this subsection.

• CHAPTER 22-11.9: (a) The use of a cell phone by a minor while said minor is operating a motor vehicle
  shall be prohibited, except in case of an emergency.

NOTE: According to Rhode Island Law 31-10-6.ciii, a person under the age of 18 must complete a minimum of 50 hours of driving experience with 10 of those hours completed at night.

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