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Learn how to operate a vehicle with lessons from Larues Blackstone Valley Driving School. We provide over-the-road driving training to students of any age.


Our school promotes safety for all of our students. View the state laws to familiarize yourself with driving requirements before you get behind the wheel.

Our Story

Build your self-confidence and be ready for your road test with the driving lessons from Larues Blackstone Valley Driving School in North Providence, Rhode Island. Our instructor, Rosie, has the patience to teach students of all ages how to operate a motor vehicle. We use a training vehicle that is equipped with a dual hydraulic braking system. It has a passenger rear-view mirror for additional safety. For your convenience, we can pick you up from school, work, or home for your lessons. We can also meet you at the DMV for training. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Contact us to enroll in our program to learn how to drive.

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